Sunday, 3 February 2013


      All keralites will certainly know about this payasam.But I am posting this for those who are out of Kerala.This is one of my favourite kheer.It tastes awesome if done in the right consistency.


Serves:5,Preparation time:10 minutes,Cooking time:45 minutes
1/4 kg Moong beans/green gram/cherupayar parippu(without skin)
 250gm Jaggery + 1 cup of water
1st and 2nd milk extract of 3/4th coconut
Pinch of salt
4 tblspns of ghee
Thin flakes of coconut
1 tspn Elaichi Powder/cardamom powder


  1. First dry roast the green grams until light golden brown.
  2. Then wash it and cook in a pressure cooker with 2 cups of water and salt.Cook till it whistles twice.
  3. Now off the flame and let the pressure go completely and see if it is cooked but not mashed up.If not cooked,cook till it is done.
  4. By the time boil jaggery with water until it melts.Strain this syrup.
  5. Now pour this syrup into the cooked beans and cook for another 5 to 10 minutes until it is reduced, stirring occassionally so that the beans does not get burnt.It shouldn't get reduced a lot.
  6. Once done,pour the second extract of coconut into this and stir continuously.
  7. Once that also reduces to a little and a thick consistency is achieved,pour the first extract of coconut and stir continuously until it boils so that the coconut milk does not get curdled.Then add elaichi/cardamom powder to it.
  8. Once it boils,simmer for 5 more minutes to get a thick consistency and remove.
  9. Finally heat ghee in kadahi,saute the coconut flakes till golden brown and remove.Then add the nuts and saute until it turns golden brown and remove and finally saute raisins and pour the excess ghee and all the nuts and raisins to the kheer immediately.
 Note:The beans shud not be mashed up,instead you should have bits of it in mouth while having it and that is why the beans are sauted till golden brown.

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