Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bread Coins

                     Bread coin is a simple snack that can be prepared for ifthar or as a tea time snack.Any filling can be kept in this for stuffing.Prawns filling would be best for this recipe.But today am gonna prepare this with beef filling.
                   Preparing snacks everyday for ifthar may make us lazy.And so this is dedicated to all those lazy gals like me,behind whom someone should walk nagging to start the of course...hehe...

                 Now let us check the recipe.


Serves 4,Preparation time 20 minutes and cooking time 10 minutes

24 Slices of Bread(No milk breads)
2 Eggs
Pinch of Salt
Oil for Shallow Frying
Beef Filling /Chicken Filling or Prawn Filling( Shoul be spicy as the bread would be slightly sweet)


  1. Cut the bread slices with a glass or with a round sharp bowl to get round pieces of bread.
  2. In this way,cut all the bread slices.Do not discard the left over pieces of bread as it can be used as bread crumbs by coarsely powdering it.

  3.  Beat the eggs in a bowl with some salt.
  4.  Now dip both the sides of each round piece of bread in the egg wash and keep a teaspoon of filling over the bread piece and cover with another piece of bread dipped in egg wash.
  5.  Cover the filling well and stick the sides of the bread by pressing the sides so that the filling does not escape through the slits while frying.
  6.  Repeat the same with all the pieces and dip in bread crumbs in a way that it is fully covered.

  7.  Heat a pan and spoon in 3 Tblspn of oil and fry each coins in medium flame by flipping it over when one side is done.
  8.  Now the coins are ready to serve.


  1. This is interesting...cutlets poleyundu...

  2. Delicious Bread coins..Perfect with a cup of tea!!

  3. Very creative idea on which I never thought of. Been throwing away the old bread slices and now I know what to do with them. Beautifully made and adore the coating of bread crumbs for the crunch.


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