Friday, 8 February 2013

Ice Cream Chocolate Cake

I am glad to introduce this recipe because it tasted really yumm like how it looks.I assure you that you would be a fanatic of this,once you have it.There is nothing more of cooking other than baking the cake
in this recipe.The taste of strawberries in the recipe gives a royal touch to the dish.



1.5 ltr Chocolate Ice cream
1 1/2 Cup Whipped Cream
Crushed Praline
Few roughly crushed Almonds
Few Strawberries to Decorate


Serves 8 to 10 slices,preparation time:5 minutes,Setting time:30 minutes
  1. Cover the base and sides of the mould with butter paper.
  2. Remember that the side underneath comes as the top layer.
  3. Take the ice cream out of the refrigerator and let the temperature come down so as to make the ice cream a little soft.
  4. Now spread the crushed praline and almonds at the base and spoon in about half a litre of ice cream to the mould.
  5. Now cut the chocolate cake horizontally and keep one layer on top of the spread ice cream.
  6. Now again spoon in a very little amount of ice cream just to cover the cake.
  7. Layer it with whipped cream and spoon in some more ice cream on top of it.
  8. Now spread some crushed pralines and almonds and keep the second layer of cake on top of it.
  9. After this,spoon in the entire ice cream left and spread the top again with praline and almonds.
  10. Make sure that the topmost layer has enough ice cream(about 1/2 litre) to soak the cake.
  11. Let it stay at room temperature for 5 more minutes after layering,for the cake to get soaked.Then freeze it.
  12. After half an hour or more,take it out,demould and slice.Before slicing decorate with strawberries.
     Note:The mould should be big enough to make sufficient layers.Do not use fruits in the ice cream because fruits tend to become ice when frozen.Chocolate ice cream can be substituted with Vanilla ice cream or any layer may be substituted with any other flavor of ice cream.Tutty fruity or any other nuts can be used with praline and almonds.Should be taken out of freezer half an hour before serving.Else the cake tends to be hard.


  1. I love ice cream chocolate n cake!! All together will be yummy!!

  2. very tempting combination,looks yummmmmmmmy!!
    Thanx a lot for dropping by my space,& for your inspiring comments too!!
    Happy to join u back:)


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