Sunday, 3 February 2013

Fruit Carving

  I have always admired people carving fruits to various shapes and designs.I thought it would be unwieldy,when I saw the carvings.But believe me,its simple and easy to do once you have the patience to do it.The phrase "Practice makes it Perfect" is worth saying in this deal.Once you give a trial you will find how simple and beautiful it is to carve fruits.
 As you can see this was my first attempt.My mother had already peeled the green outer skin and    the white inner skin of the melon,by the time I got the idea.Else it would have looked a bit more better.
    You need to have the inner whitish skin of the melon once you are carving an also carve it with the outer green skin.But truly I dint attempt it.
    Now I shall display the picture of my second carving attempt.
I dont know whether it came out good or not but I was too happy to see it and ran hear and there with happiness.
I had also tried making swan with apples and that too came out really good.But I am sorry that I dont have any image of it.Shall post more images of carving in the coming days.

 I shall try to take much more better pics the next time.

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